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Colorado Imaging Associates Announces Go-Live on Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform

We are excited to announce that Colorado Imaging Associates has reached go-live status with the Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform! Colorado Imaging Associates (CIA), which joined the Mach7 family in August 2019, is a radiology services company based in Golden, Colorado. CIA provides professional radiology services to hospitals, medical centers, outpatient imaging centers and specialty practices throughout Colorado and Wyoming. CIA is currently archiving imaging data from eleven of their sites […]

Mach7 Partnering with Altamont Software for Greater Enterprise Imaging Integration

We’re excited to announce Mach7’s partnership with Altamont Software to help accelerate the adoption of enterprise image integration in healthcare organizations! Altamont Software develops next-generation medical image connectivity software for the PACS and EHR marketplace. Altamont’s zero-footprint solution, CaptureWare, allows Mach7’s Enterprise Imaging Platform (EIP) to ingest more DICOM and/or non-DICOM data from various sources in a facility. Altamont will enhance the Mach7 EIP with Altamont’s functions that include: Scan, […]

Interoperability and Flexibility are the Key to Successful Enterprise Imaging Deployments

We have a saying here at Mach7: “Every customer is different.” By this, we mean that you can have two very similar customers in terms of number of facilities, number of procedures per year, number of patients served, etc. that have completely different workflows and challenges. For this reason, a pure “one-size-fits-all” approach tends to be infeasible or even downright impossible. A healthcare IT solution must be flexible and easily […]

Enterprise Imaging Facilitates Replacement of Departmental Cardiology PACS

In recent years, there’s been a lot of focus directed at the radiology department, especially with regard to improvements to a rapidly aging and inadequate PACS infrastructure. Today, this is taking the form of replacing PACS with Enterprise Imaging (EI), “a set of strategies, initiatives, and workflows implemented across a healthcare enterprise to consistently and optimally capture, index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange, and analyze all clinical imaging and multimedia […]

And That’s A Wrap!

RSNA 2019 is officially over, and we’re excited to report it was a great showing by all! Over a five-day period, we had some great conversations with existing customers and new prospects alike. It was great to have the opportunity to showcase the Mach7 solution to many diverse groups of administrators and radiologists and to talk about their specific needs and challenges. At RSNA we previewed our new Analytic Studio, […]

Three Challenges A Longtime Customer Solved with Mach7

We recently had the chance to sit down with one of our longtime customers to talk about the issues they were having prior to engaging with Mach7 and how they were able to solve them. For a little background, this customer was in full acquisitions mode at the time they engaged with Mach7, bringing a number of different facilities into their health network. Each new facility that was acquired represented […]

Ensuring Security in Enterprise Imaging Platforms

Security is a big issue and concern for all healthcare facilities, as a recently-released exposé demonstrates. Ensuring patient data is secure is an ethical and legal responsibility that we should all take very seriously. The news has a steady stream of articles on HIPAA violations and fines being levied. Security must be a concern as new technologies are emerging to fundamentally transform how healthcare providers operate. Enterprise imaging is being […]

Welcome to our Newest Customer, St. Teresa’s Hospital

Welcome to our Newest Customer, St. Teresa’s Hospital

We are excited to announce Mach7’s newest customer, St. Teresa’s Hospital in Hong Kong! St. Teresa’s is a private hospital in Kowloon, Hong Kong that has purchased the Mach7 PACS. When looking for a new PACS solution, St. Teresa’s had several goals in mind: Scalable and flexible solution that can expand to fit the needs of the entire hospital Ability to consolidate two siloed PACS into one platform Enable Radiology […]

Welcome to our Newest Customer, Colorado Imaging Associates

Mach7 is excited to announce the addition of our newest customer, Colorado Imaging Associates (CIA)! CIA is a radiology services company based in Golden, Colorado. CIA contracts with hospitals and imaging centers around Colorado to provide radiology image reading, often after hours or on holidays. CIA was primarily looking for a way to automate the routing of images to their reading groups across the state. When looking for a solution, […]

7 New Features Added to the Mach7 Platform

7 New Features Added to the Mach7 Platform

Version 11.8.4 of the Mach7 Platform has just been released, and it’s the most capable Platform yet! The recently added features emphasize a push for increased efficiency through streamlined workflows, enhanced communications and continued growth in the communication, exchange, sharing and analytics of healthcare data.  Here are highlights of seven new features that have been added to the Mach7 Platform: 1. Personalized Worklists With extendable capabilities to plug-in a growing […]

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