Mach7 and eUnity

One Company, Your Solution

With Mach7’s acquisition of Client Outlook’s eUnity SmartViewer, we can offer a full end-to-end enterprise viewing and storage solution that is flexible enough to meet almost any enterprise workflow need. Unifying as one organization allows us to provide flexible, scalable and customizable solutions that can be implemented independently, in combination, or as a complete enterprise PACS solution. This includes the eUnity enterprise and diagnostic viewer and Mach7’s universal worklist, workflow engine and clinical vendor neutral archive (VNA).

Our enterprise-first philosophy means our flexible solution can be scaled to fit the needs of every healthcare organization, whether you are updating your radiology department informatics systems or are looking for a new solution to securely handle imaging throughout your entire enterprise.


Our solution is flexible in both our technology and our business model. We can provide individual components or a complete solution to best solve your imaging workflow needs. We know the world changes quickly, so our flexible pricing will provide you with a variety of capital or subscription models to suit your ever-changing financial needs.


We can scale with you as your needs change, whether you just need image routing, an enterprise viewer, a PACS, or a full enterprise imaging solution. It doesn’t matter if you have a single imaging center or an IDN with multiple facilities, or if you do 15,000 studies per year or 10 million studies per year – our solution will scale to meet your departmental or organizational needs.


Our solution isn’t just a VNA, a worklist, a viewer, or a routing engine; we’re all these things and so much more. Our solution’s architecture and intuitive graphical user interface allow you to easily build the specialized workflows that meet the diverse needs of your clinical users. Let us help you extend beyond departmental PACS into a complete Enterprise Imaging solution!

Mach7 and eUnity

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