Don’t Let Legacy PACS Become Your Legacy

A Thought Leadership Article

Will Legacy Systems Become Your Legacy?

Author John C. Maxwell wrote, “legacy is created only when a person puts his organization into the position to do great things without him.” A leader is truly a servant to their team; they make sure their team members are recognized for the great accomplishments they achieve. As a leader, you have an opportunity to define your legacy by eliminating legacy systems and protecting your patient’s healthcare data every day. Cybercriminals will figure out new ways to breach IT systems and your must help define the culture and set the path for modernization while providing the training your teams need to be vigilant in protecting your organization.

Legacy System Modernization

Reliance on legacy applications is the Achilles’ heel of many organizations, and these systems are often the inhibitor to recognizing the value of a digital ROI. As with any project, a fair analysis must be performed on your legacy technology, and requirements established and prioritized as part of your modernization strategy. When evaluating your legacy systems, consider things like:

  • Ongoing maintenance costs (hardware updates, software updates, maintenance, etc.)
  • Cost of ongoing support (vendor contracts)
  • Workflow improvements and/or workflow inhibitors (cost of poor workflow)
  • System integration and interoperability
  • End user experience (loss of customers or loss of employees)
  • Missed opportunities to expand (less flexibility)

These areas will allow you to dig deeper into why replacement may be necessary and will reveal problems your organization may be experiencing with legacy solutions.

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