The Journey to Enterprise Imaging – A Transformation with Independence and Innovation in Mind

A Thought Leadership Article

An Enterprise Transformation with Independence and Innovation

Enterprise Imaging is an evolving labyrinth of organizational discovery and transformation. It allows you to identify new areas of cost savings within your organization, provides uninterrupted access to patient imaging data across specialties, incorporates comprehensive clinical workflow, brings together relevant patient clinical information to support diagnostic confidence, consolidates disparate systems, and frees you from vendor data control. Those organizations that really embrace the concept understand that enterprise imaging truly is a journey; it’s not a product and it’s certainly not a destination, because you will always be able to discover new use cases, enable new workflows, and find new opportunities to improve access to data that improves patient care.

Set Your Own Course to Enterprise Imaging

Every day, healthcare organizations are challenged by managing massive amounts of imaging data in various formats and structure from disparate sources across service lines, specialties, facilities and geographic locations. Bridging these independent silos of imaging information into a comprehensive Enterprise Imaging Solution lowers costs and provides a unified clinical record for your clinicians. Siloed information limits data and information at the point of care where it is needed, and this is where Mach7 offers differentiated value: we bring better insight to your patient data, when and where your clinicians need it the most. Your EMR is your patient record repository. Mach7 joins your EMR with image enablement and becomes your clinical data repository across your enterprise to bridge systems and provide your physicians a complete view of the patient.

Mach7’s Enterprise Imaging Solution is a breakthrough platform that allows organizations to set their own course to enterprise imaging. It fills the connectivity gaps created by siloed departmental imaging solutions so clinicians everywhere have a complete and cutting-edge view of the patient. Through an unyielding focus on integration, workflow, and the elimination of complexity, we give organizations the ability to do more, and do better, with less. Our exclusive mission is to become your long-term enterprise imaging partner.

Our focus is providing solutions that deliver better patient outcomes, improved patient and staff satisfaction, while reducing costs. Mach7’s solutions may be deployed onsite, in the cloud, or through a combination of cloud services and onsite configurations. With this approach, our mission, product vision and resource investments have been dedicated to uniquely solving a myriad of healthcare enterprise imaging and patient data management challenges.

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