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Situation Overview – Study Split Utility

Massachusetts General Hospital needed to share imaging data across a distributed enterprise. With facilities spread across Massachusetts, the management and coordination of imaging data was daunting. Increasing numbers of CTs and MRs, combined with growing image study volumes and functional limitations of legacy systems spelled inefficient and convoluted processes for MGH. Appropriately splitting and QCing studies became a convoluted and inefficient process, hindering a seamless workflow.

Mach7 was asked to deliver a solution that could split studies along anatomical regions including:

  • Monitor and control the image acquisition workflow through an intuitive worklist
  • Capture the status of each study, including warnings and exceptions
  • Verify that images were fully acquired by the receiving PACS

Our Solution

As a workstation solution designed for the technologist, the Study Split Utility provides an advanced tool for managing image acquisition workflows. Studies acquired from the modality may be checked for quality, updated based on standard DICOM Modality Worklist (DMWL) queries, and split as required (e.g., chest, abdomen, and pelvis) across defined accession numbers so technologists can define and enable specialist workflows and ensure accurate downstream billing.


  • All goals of the new solution met
  • Productivity and speed improvements – Significantly increased technologist productivity and an 80% improvement in image load times into the splitting interface
  • Intuitive UIs – Studies split at the image or series level through a graphical interface that enables the most appropriate images to be associated to each exam accession number
  • Synchronization – Metadata associated with each split study is synchronized to the appropriate patient and exam information
  • Study Overlap – MGH can now send overlapping images and series to each accession number ensuring critical data, such as the radiation dosage, scout images, and overlapping anatomical regions, are associated to each split study
  • Verification – MGH now has a centralized location for technologists to manage and monitor all imaging studies being acquired, ensuring that every image has been properly received
  • Improved Reporting – MGH ensures user actions are tracked & reportable with an audit trail of all activities around a study, from the point of image acquisition to study splitting and sending

“The Study Split Utility improves technologist workflow when splitting multi-region scans from CT or MR. Based on initial testing data from the Study Split Utility clinical pilot, we are excited about the anticipated increased technologists’ efficiency that the utility will delivery from scanner to PACS.”

Mary-Theresa Shore
Director of Clinical Operations
Massachusetts General Hospital

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