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Kennedy Health Enhances Imaging Interoperability with Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platformkennedy

Mach7’s advanced imaging management solution gives Kennedy Health more flexibility to meet the varied needs of clinicians for optimal patient care.

About Kennedy Health

Kennedy Health is an integrated healthcare delivery system with three acute care hospitals and several ambulatory facilities in southern New Jersey. Their vision is to transform the healthcare experience for patients and their families through a culture of caring, quality, and innovation. Kennedy provides a full continuum of healthcare services, ranging from acute-care hospitals to a broad spectrum of outpatient and wellness programs.

Performing more than 350,000 procedures a year, Kennedy Health radiology felt restricted by their departmental PACS.

“In today’s healthcare ecosystem, every facet of care delivery involves imaging: cardiology, pathology, dermatology, and more. Our PACS was a radiology-only solution and we wanted to take a broader approach. To better support our clinicians and patients, we needed to be flexible, agile, and we wanted our systems to interoperate.”

Mike Archer
Assistant Vice President, Network Services, Kennedy Health

The Challenge

Like many organizations, radiologists at Kennedy Health are outsourced and they come with varied experience and unique preferences. To attract and support the top clinicians for optimal patient care, Kennedy Health sought a strong, standards-based imaging infrastructure that supports accessibility to images from anywhere and enables clinicians to use the tool best suited to their specialty. The infrastructure Kennedy was looking for had to be transparent, support their existing technology investments, and facilitate the roll out of best-of-breed technology – all with minimal disruption.

Kennedy Health wanted a solution that worked more like other tools they use to manage their business. For example, using a network drive, Kennedy users access their business documents anywhere on the network – without regard to location. The Kennedy HIT team felt medical imaging should be equally as easy: clinicians should be able to access images, anywhere, anytime, regardless of where those images are captured or stored.

Frustrated by constant workarounds for inadequate PACS functionality, Kennedy’s HIT team felt that its departmental PACS was restrictive and didn’t give them control and ownership of their data. This limited their ability to move forward and achieve their vision. Kennedy looked for a solid partner; a partner to stand by them and offer guidance to address their complex issues and support them on their path to enterprise imaging independence.

After meeting with the Mach7 team, Kennedy knew they were on the right path.

“Mach7 didn’t just want to sell us something, they wanted to give us what we needed.”

Mike Archer, Assistant Vice President
Network Services , Kennedy Health

Kennedy Health’s Key Goals

  • Access to all images from any location regardless of where the images are stored.
  • Leverage existing investments in best-of-breed solutions to meet requirements and preferences of clinicians.
Ensure IT solution interoperability to deliver a seamless flow of patient data across the enterprise.

“We want to be agile and make it easy for our clinicians to provide the best patient care possible. To accomplish that goal, we need flexibility to easily add new tools and best-of-breed solutions. It’s similar to redecorating a house – if I want to bring in new furniture, I should be able to do that without having to tear down the house. The Mach7 solution enables that ability whereas our former PACS could not.”

Mike Archer
Assistant Vice President,  Network Services
Kennedy Health


Kennedy Health implemented Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform to fully control, access, and share their clinical imaging data across departments and sites. The platform addresses Kennedy Health’s primary goals of providing enterprise-wide access to imaging data while ensuring best-of-breed interoperability.

The administrators have unsurpassed visualization of the workflow and are able to manage and adapt the workflow that supports how they work – and not the other way around. Workflow adjustments are easy using an intuitive point and click tool and can be done by a PACS administrator without a call to the IT department or support team.

Looking toward a bright future

With the implementation of the VNA and Communication Workflow Engine behind them, Kennedy is looking toward opportunities to leverage their success. The Enterprise Imaging Platform gives Kennedy more control and ownership of their future goals which include:

  • Moving toward eliminating their PACS: Flexible storage and advanced tools give Kennedy the ability to slowly unplug their PACS which is creating barriers to collaboration.
  • Implementing Image Lifecycle Management (ILM): With the advancement of imaging, Kennedy is storing increasingly more images and the sizes of the images are getting larger. Knowing that storage is not infinite, Kennedy is considering an ILM strategy. With this option now available to them, they are exploring their requirements and defining their internal processes.
  • Incorporating other non-DICOM image sources: Kennedy will now have the ability to store JPEG, PDF, MP3 and others data types in their native format. This will open the door for optimized patient care and improved workflow for other specialties including pathology, wound care and more.

“What we get with Mach7 is an incredibly powerful solution and a partner. With Mach7, we have a team of professionals who have the expertise to understand and advance our enterprise imaging strategy. They have taken ownership of our goals and have adopted our mission as their own.”

Mike Archer Assistant Vice President,  Network Services Kennedy Health

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