Goshen Health Case Study

Goshen Health Expands Accessibility and Capabilities of PACS

Goshen Health is a 132-bed hospital located in Goshen, Indiana. It serves an eclectic and diverse community where, for example, it is common to see modern cars parked next to Amish horses and buggies at the local Walmart. At the core of Goshen Health’s mission is giving back to the community by addressing their health needs. Their core values can be summed up by the acronym C.A.R.E. – “Compassion and commitment to serve with empathy; Accountability with integrity and action; Respect through treating others as you wish to be treated; and Excellence in all we do.” Committed to their mission of “improving the health of their communities with innovation,” Goshen Health has modernized PACS and enterprise imaging capabilities. Powered by Mach7 Cloud, Goshen Health has reconstructed its PACS, enabling clinical access beyond traditional boundaries and laying the groundwork for an enhanced, yet simplified, IT ecosystem.

When we have downtime, we are still able to log into Mach7 and get the studies we need. With Mach7, we also have more options in the future – like image sharing; there is a lot of flexibility with Mach7.

– Tim Blue, Integration & Telecom Manager

The challenges

Goshen Health was plagued with issues from its aging PACS and IT infrastructure, which needed upgrades and investment. As they prepared to undertake a project of that size, Goshen Health took the opportunity to modernize their imaging platform to better meet the expanding needs of their imaging specialists, IT department, and business executives. The capabilities of a traditional PACS were no longer meeting the current or forecasted needs of this innovative health system. Some of the problems to be addressed included:

Streamlining radiologists’ reading workflow across disparate PACS

Goshen Health radiologists, part of a shared reading group, needed to optimize their reading workflow across multiple PACS worklists, to increase productivity. When logged into one PACS, how could studies that needed to be read on another PACS be monitored and addressed without the need to dual boot or swivel chair between worklists?

Cost-effectively enhancing the flexibility and capabilities of clinical IT

The clinical IT team needed to become more self-sufficient at resolving data management and interoperability challenges, without the need to engage costly vendor services. With the growth of Goshen Health’s clinical services and the adoption of new modalities, image formats, and data workflow requirements, could the clinical IT team manage these challenges in-house?

Limiting the need to grow a hospital datacenter

How would Goshen Health continue to grow their clinical services capabilities without the need for large, ongoing capital outlays to support infrastructure? What about the ongoing, operational costs supporting redundant and highly available data centers?

Enabling ad hoc sharing of images and their results

How could clinical users securely share images and their results with patients and providers without dedicated network connections and virtual private networks (VPN)?

Optimizing the investment across the enterprise

Although the immediate need was replacing an aging radiology PACS infrastructure, how could this investment be leveraged across the enterprise? Could an imaging platform aggregate clinical data outside of the EMR and across departmental clinical applications?

The solution and results

The Mach7 solution for Goshen Health had three core characteristics. The goal was not to solve every challenge at go-live, but, rather, to empower Goshen Health with the tools and flexibility to solve these challenges as the organization expands.

Deliver Reconstructed PACS

The solution addresses Goshen Health’s immediate PACS replacement needs and improves PACS functionality for their care providers.

Simplify, consolidate, and save money.

While individual applications on the market could have been used to address some of the identified challenges, the Mach7 solution consolidates and simplifies infrastructure, clinical applications and interoperability across the enterprise with a single platform that saves time and money.

Evolve with the organization.

The Mach7 solution provides a foundation that can be leveraged to address anticipated challenges across the enterprise, beyond the capabilities of a traditional PACS, enabling the organization to access new modules as needed, without incurring unnecessary costs now.

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