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Location: Berwyn, PA
Industry: Healthcare – Vascular Clinic
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Situation Overview

Fresenius Vascular’s imaging facilities needed to share imaging data across a distributed enterprise. With facilities spread across the U.S, the management and coordination of imaging data was daunting. Several siloed archiving solutions were in place and management, storage, viewing and routing of imaging data needed to be expertly managed.

Our Solution

Mach7 was asked to deliver a solution that could provide vendor neutral archiving and clinical viewing for imaging facilities distributed across the United States. The Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform was installed providing an imaging management “base layer” that would stabilize and normalize distributed image archives and support effective image routing and management.

Key solution elements included:


  • All goals of the new solution met
  • Off-site archiving and clinical viewing deployed
  • Backup and redundancy locally implemented

Through the use of Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, Fresenius Vascular has been able to provide distributed sites with an offsite archiving service along with clinical viewing capabilities. Complexities around this solution have been simplified through the use of DICOM normalization and imaging distribution capabilities provided through the Communication Workflow Engine. Each site leverages the Communication Workflow Engine to provide reliable communications to the centralized data center. This approach provides for a small cache of studies to be maintained locally at each site, which may be accessed in the event of an outage to the centralized datacenter.

“The Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform will enable us to manage our imaging data and provide the necessary clinical access to enhance patient care. The application installed without issue and integrated very easily and seamlessly with our existing modalities and upstream systems. We are very pleased with our choice of Mach7’s Enterprise Image Management solutions and our decision to work with Mach7 Technologies.”

Ernie Gutierrez
Director of Operations for U.S. Vascular
Fresenius Vascular

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