Mach7 has partnered with some of the most innovative clinical application providers that leverage the power of Mach7 Data Services Platform to improve workflow and patient outcomes.

Client Outlook
Client Outlook is the developer of eUnity zero footprint diagnostic and clinical image viewing solution. Together, Mach7 and Client Outlook deliver a full feature PACS that help healthcare organizations unlock their potential to grow by turning technology into a strategic advantage. Mach7 and Client Outlook establish a vendor neutral framework that empowers organizations to meet clinical needs today while providing the infrastructure to expand capabilities tomorrow.
Leben Care Technologies
Leben Care offers automated medical image analysis algorithms that improve access and quality of diagnosis across areas of life sciences.
SirenMD is a care collaboration platform designed to increase the quality, efficiency, and timeliness of medical decisions by facilitating coordinated communication between caregivers and patient advocates (doctors, nurses, athletic trainers, and other medical personnel). Mach7 and SirenMD enable the entire care team with the clinical content managed by Mach7’s data services platform. Access to patient records and communication between clinical resources and the patient may now be more easily coordinated with SirenMD streaming data directly from the data services platform.
Zebra Medical Vision
Zebra Medical is a leading imaging analytics company that offers an artificial intelligence (AI) engine that can automatically detect various medical findings in imaging scans. The Zebra Radiology Assistant is seamlessly integrated into the Mach7 platform so reading Radiologists can access the analytic results from Zebra Medical algorithms right at the point of care. The partnership enables efficiencies to maximize radiologist productivity and contribute to overall improved patient care.