Radiology and Imaging Specialists Case Study


Radiology and Imaging Specialists Automates Specialty Workflows across their Enterprise with Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform

With study volumes exceeding 700,000 annually, Central Florida’s Radiology and Imaging Specialists (RIS) needed to replace their legacy PACS to reach a new level of patient care.


  • Improve study management, access, and control across a diverse network of facilities, reading groups, partnering hospitals, and physician practices.
  • Unify patient records across their ecosystem breaking the proprietary lock older PACS architectures and referring facilities had in place.
  • Allow referring physicians and radiologists to have full access to a patient’s care record including prior studies. Support for DICOM and non-DICOM formats was required including support of advanced visualization tools.
  • Positively impact study interpretation, diagnosis, and patient satisfaction; all key performance indicators for RIS.

Action Plan

  • Build a unified, cross-department and facility flow of study information to limit requirements for manual intervention.
  • Leverage the power of a vendor neutral archive (VNA) to take all types of patient data (DICOM and non-DICOM) and assign patient level identification.
  • Efficiently import, export, and manage resident and non-resident study data and improve synchronization of this data with patient care histories and with supported EMRs.
  • Integrate universal clinical viewing and support plug-and-play advanced visualization tools allowing diagnostic viewing freedom without requiring total migration of studies from one archive and storage technology to another.


  • Intelligent Routing: Universal study management is being delivered using Mach7’s Communication and Workflow Engine. Study routing and management now support clinically-specific and complex workflows automatically.
  • Study Consolidation and Enterprise Patient Identification: Patient data is consolidated at an enterprise level offering a complete view of the patient record regardless of which clinic the patient visits.
  • Comprehensive View of the Patient Record: Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform and Mach7’s universal Clinical Viewer allow access to the full patient record helping radiologists better interpret studies and improve diagnosis, positively impacting outcomes and improving patient satisfaction.
  • Simplified Study Management: A unified single dashboard for all image data is being deployed providing visibility into study flow across the enterprise and overall daily operational analysis (i.e., study volume, flow, rate, speed, etc.).

“Mach7 delivered a unified single dashboard for our image data that we’ve never had before. This is a powerful tool to help us manage our imaging data. We’ll finally have visibility into how many studies we’re moving a day, more insight into our operations, and a view of how our images are moving across the enterprise. From a radiology IT perspective, we’ll have unprecedented access to analytics and control of our image data – access that will directly impact our business, our clinicians, physicians, and our patients. That is a very powerful tool to manage our images.”

David Marichal
CTO, Radiology and Imaging Specialists

About Radiology and Imaging Specialists

RIS logoRadiology and Imaging Specialists has provided imaging services for more than 40 years. They have grown to become one of Central Florida’s leading radiology providers. Radiology and Imaging Specialists has approximately 24 physicians and five imaging centers and are affiliated with Lakeland Regional Medical Center, Winter Haven Hospital, Bartow Regional Medical Center, Bert Fish Medical Center, South Florida Baptist Hospital, Gessler Clinic, and Bond Clinic.

The Challenge

A successful imaging center requires interoperability across disparate referring facilities and a mix of vendor acquisition devices and visualization systems. Universal, standards-based VNA platforms like Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform enable communication, drive new revenue channels, speed diagnosis, and reduce storage carrying costs and network latency, helping healthcare organizations like RIS achieve their business and patient management goals

As an example, RIS partnered with a cancer center to improve prostate cancer diagnosis and biopsy protocols. Through a specialized clinical workflow, a RIS radiologist acquires an MRI of the prostate (as a diagnostic tool), maps out the area of interest and sends the study to the cancer center. The cancer center urologist can then overlay the 3D MRI data set onto their ultrasound biopsy unit and use the MRI as a roadmap to perform a targeted biopsy of the prostate. Before deployment of the Mach7 solution, that workflow was completely manual and required clinicians to push studies to the proper viewing workstations for both the radiologist during study mapping and for the urologist during procedure visualization.

With Mach7’s solution suite, this highly specialized workflow will be completely automated. Studies will be directly and automatically routed to each location when needed and loaded onto the specialty viewers required by each physician. “With one upgrade in how we manage and store studies, we are impacting the cancer center, radiologist, urologist, clinicians, and the patient – that is at least five key stakeholders. This updated flow of information will mean the radiologist’s information flows directly to the urologist prepping for the biopsy, all with no manual intervention. We shrink the overall timeframe and remove human error elements – all enabled by Mach7’s platform. This was simply not possible with our legacy proprietary PACS,” noted David Marichal, chief technology officer at RIS.

“Our PACS vendors all proposed schemes to improve our workflow and imaging access, but we needed a more powerful, newer architected archive and communication system to help us with the data flows. Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform will give us so much more power because it can deal with all types of image data sets. That is what we need, along with study data normalization, consolidation, and correlation across our enterprise.”

David Marichal
CTO, Radiology and Imaging Specialists

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