Damien Lim

Damien Lim| Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. Lim is the co-founder of Singapore-based BioVeda Capital. He has more than 21 years of experience in equity and investment banking with Director level roles at Prime Partners, Vickers Ballas and Morgan Greenfell Asia. Mr. Lim serves on a number of boards as well as grant and advisory committees.

Nigel Finch

Nigel Finch | Non-Executive Director

Dr. Finch is a Non-Executive Director of Mach7 Technologies Ltd. and the former Chairman of 3D Medical. Dr. Finch is also a Principal at Saki Partners Transaction Advisors, an advisory firm that assists private and public sector clients with strategy, financial performance and corporate transactions. He has held director and senior management roles focused on strategy execution and managing financial performance in both early-stage and mature firms across a variety of industries and has significant experience in economic development and institution building throughout Asian markets. Previously, Dr. Finch was Associate Dean at the University of Sydney Business School. His successful academic career was preceded by a 20-year career as a CFO, investment manager and executive director. He was the Director of Skydive the Beach Group.

Nobuhiko Ito

Nobuhiko Ito | Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ito is a Non-Executive Director of Mach7 Technologies Ltd. and an adviser to TPG Capital Japan, Director of Konica Minolta Business Solutions and Tadano Ltd. He is also the former President and CEO of GE Japan and was an executive with Exxon Chemical Japan for 16 years. Mr. Ito holds a B.Sc. degree from the University of Tokyo and an M.B.A. from Cornell University.

Director Mach7

Wayne Spittle | Non-Executive Director

Mr. Spittle is a Non-Executive Director of Mach7 Technologies Ltd. and brings extensive industry experience in the global healthcare sector including all imaging modalities, IT solutions and patient monitoring. He has served as Executive VP with Samsung Medison and Health and Medical Equipment division of Samsung. Previously, he was Senior VP at Philips Healthcare for Asia Pacific and CEO for Philips Electronics for ASEAN Pacific. He has extensive experience in acquisitions, product development, marketing and sales. Currently Mr. Spittle remains as a consultant at Samsung Medison and Advisor at Novum Waves.