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Introducing a platform that enables your healthcare ecosystem.

Meet Sage.

Leveraging artificial intelligence and the latest in technology, Sage delivers solutions for the common challenges of patient care delivery in a fraction of the time and effort. Built as a data services platform, Sage enables improved access, management, and data liquidity across an ecosystem of clinical applications.

Sage, a Data Services Platform that Enables Clinical Solutions in Less Time and with Lower Cost

With general releasein early 2018, Sage will be accessible through traditional means including onsite services and the cloud, as well as downloadable on our website. Sage changes the legacy perceptions in our industry around the effort to solve the challenges of healthcare data management. The legacy challenges of deploying PACS and VNA solutions can now be solved in a fraction of the time with less effort and resources. Our groundbreaking approach to improved data access and exchange for both structured and unstructured clinical data will power clinical care and business needs across the healthcare ecosystem. With managed data by Sage, the adoption of new technologies and advancements in healthcare will be simplified with less effort for less cost.

Smart Collaboration with Partners

Sage offers an ecosystem of clinical apps that leverage the open interfaces of Sage to access, manage, and exchange DICOM and non-DICOM data across various clinical workflows. With apps delivering hundreds of clinical workflows today, Mach7 will be highlighting smart collaboration with partners including a complete PACS powered with Client Outlook’s smart viewer eUnity, as well as apps for care coordination, advanced artificial intelligence, analytics and more – all running on Sage.

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